Scottish Dancing in Newcastle and District

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Please note that, where books contain music, this is written for the piano including left hand accompaniment.



The Geordie Diamond CD


This CD has been produced in response to requests for a recording to accompany the book of Peter Avery’s dances that the Newcastle Branch published as part of our 60th Anniversary celebrations.


In addition you will find music for three of the most popular dances from the 50th Anniversary book, ‘The Newcastle Half Century’.  Price £10










CD of music played by Robert Whitehead and the Danelaw Band

The Geordie Diamond book

A book of 12 dances devised by Peter Avery and published to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the RSCDS Newcastle upon Tyne Branch in 2010.  Includes music.  Price £6.




Dance instructions and written music


The Newcastle Half Century

A collection of 14 original dances with music written by members and musicians associated with the Branch.  Contains the dance Newcastle Half Century, with original music.  Also icludes a short (and illuminating) history of the Branch compiled and written by Irene Waters.  Price £5





Dance instructions and written music


Roses and Heather / The Bonnie Broom

Two Ladies Step dances devised by Irene Fidler.   Book of instructions  £2



Dance instructions


Roses and Heather / The Bonnie Broom   CD  £5


CD including verbal dance instructions


Ladies Step Dances

A booklet of instructions for six original step dances devised by Irene Fidler.  Price £4



Dance instructions


- a book of music for the Ladies Step Dances.  Price £4


Written music


- a CD of the music for the Ladies Step Dances played by Muriel Johnstone.  Price £7

Includes music for The Thistle, A Sprig o’ Heather, Through the Bracken, The Thistle and the Rose, Highland Ladies and a Garland of Heather.



Music CD


Simply Dancing

A book of dances by young people and their teachers for everyone to enjoy.  The success of ‘Another Newcastle Collection’ prompted John Cass to ask the next generation of Young Dancers and their teachers, from all over the country, to submit dances for consideration with a view to publication.  This book is the result.  Price £3.50





Dance instructions


The Newcastle Collection

A book of 41 country dance tunes composed by local and scottish musicians who have been associated with the Branch.  Price £2




Written music


Another Newcastle Collection

A book of 36 dances for young people by young people.  Price £2


Dance instructions


The Complete Andrew Rankine collection of Scottish Country Dance Tunes

A commemorative book of 44 tunes, including Reels, Jigs, Strathspeys, Marches and Polkas.  Price £7.50




Written music


The Half Century Collection of Scottish Dance Tunes

A collection of 50 original compositions by Ian Thow.   Price £10


Written music


Life Begins at Forty

A book of 10 dances devised to mark the fortieth anniversary of the Newcastle upon Tyne and District Branch in 1950.   Free to download.



Written music


 Pdf copy